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HomeGauge provides the industry-leading inspection software and web-based business tools Inspectors need to best serve their clients (Home Buyers, Home Sellers, and Real Estate Professionals). Over 20 years ago, we were founded by a Home Inspector who deeply knew the needs of Inspectors and the industry as it continued to grow and modernize. Now, our dedicated teams work hard to keep the industry moving forward, creating groundbreaking products and assuring our Inspectors easily adapt to the new convenient and web-based way of conducting modern business. You’ll find more information about our careers & opportunities here.

Careers and Opportunities at HomeGauge
HomeGauge Culture

About Our Culture

Our team currently consists of ~60 employees. We are a diverse bunch, and we have offices in Asheville, NC; Chicago, IL; and Madison, WI. Our teams have the flexibility to be hybrid between the office and home or be fully remote, depending on the position. Pets are well loved and even have their own Slack channel. We dress casually, and the engineering team often sponsors a fun hat Friday competition. We are talented and professional, yet fun and genuine. We have piercings, tattoos, dyed hair, real lives, and real expectations. We are embraced, heard, supported, and valued. Collaboration, communication, resilience, and innovation are key behaviors to succeed, and we expect to learn from our failures and from our other teammates.

Our core values: believe in each other, do the right thing, follow through, think-big, and put empathy into action.

Talking about HomeGauge

Employee Perspectives


“The diverse and supportive team at HomeGauge has developed an amazing culture which makes it a pleasure to come to work everyday. And the clear shared vision allows me to see exactly how my work directly benefits the company, my co-workers, and our user community.”

Brian May, Engineering Team

“I enjoy the great work-life balance and the friendly and inclusive culture.”

Jacob Wittenauer, Engineering Team

“I love that my job gives me the opportunity to work with so many teams across the company. In particular, I get to witness a lot of the incredible behind-the-scenes work that makes HomeGauge possible – from the Support team who have such positive impacts on our inspectors, to the Engineering team who roll out deploys in record time!”

Kristin McCormick, Finance Team

“Working at HomeGauge is an opportunity to learn and grow in a welcoming environment where your voice has value. As a Product Architect I touch base with nearly everyone at the company on a regular basis, and there isn’t a single person here I don’t trust and appreciate working with. The company feels close-knit despite its growth and its backing by a major corporation adds to the security and stability already ensured by our successful products and services.”

James Hunyar, Product Team

“HomeGauge has felt like a fresh breath of air. I feel like I am empowered as an individual while having the support of a whole company. HomeGaugers prove over and over again that they care about our clients as much as they care about their coworkers. It feels amazing to work with people that care about what the work they do and the people they do it with.

My role as a Product Architect allows me to play in the weeds while forming the 10,000 ft. view. At previous companies, I knew I excelled at the space in between those two places but I wasn’t lucky enough to have a role that intentionally utilized those skills.”

Caitlin Jonesler, Product Team

“Working for HomeGauge is a supportive, collaborative, fun and rewarding experience. Colleagues and management all have awesome unique personalities but they share a similar trait in that they care deeply about the happiness of employees. They strive to continually improve and empower employees to get creative, think outside the box, expand and grow”

Suzie Wallace, Support Team

Current Job Openings

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HomeGauge is an equal opportunity employer committed to excellence through diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, age, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status or any other legally protected characteristic, in employment or other programs.