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Introducing the HomeGauge Home Inspector Insurance Program

We are excited to announce our partnership with EliteMGA, the premier provider of comprehensive insurance solutions for home inspectors. This partnership offers exclusive discounts on insurance rates for HomeGauge users.

Elite MGA
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Why Choose HomeGauge and EliteMGA?

The software you use as a home inspector impacts many aspects of your business, including liability. HomeGauge, a trusted name in the industry, provides the tools needed to deliver high-quality reports that satisfy customers and reduce risk. This reliability allows EliteMGA to offer HomeGauge users exclusive discounts on Errors & Omissions (E&O) and General Liability insurance.

Why EliteMGA?

When it comes to home inspection insurance, expertise, flexibility, and service are crucial. EliteMGA, backed by its own insurance provider, EliteRE, offers unique advantages, including:


Customized Coverage: EliteMGA can draft their own coverage offerings, defend or settle claims, and provide discounts to qualified inspectors.


Exclusive Discounts: Thanks to the HomeGauge + EliteMGA partnership, you benefit from competitive rates tailored to your needs.

Unique Advantages


Pre-Claims Assistance: Managed by Joe Denneler, the nation’s top home inspection defense attorney, this service helps you avoid frivolous non-suit claims.


No-Fault Reporting: Report potential claims without affecting your loss record or premiums, so minor issues can be resolved without insurer involvement.


Duty to Defend: EliteMGA covers you even if sued for services not performed, like a mold claim without a mold test.


Pre-Inspection Agreements: Receive state-specific pre-inspection agreements drafted by Joe Denneler, free of charge.


Free Extended Reporting Period Coverage (ERC): Ideal for inspectors retiring or selling their business, saving costs on ERC premiums.


Risk Management Training: Access training sessions from Joe Denneler, available as webinars or in-person, tailored for both new or experienced inspectors.


HomeGauge-Specific Application Process: An easy online application for quotes and claims, streamlined for HomeGauge users.

Getting Errors & Omissions Insurance

HomeGauge Discount Rates

EliteMGA provides the broadest coverage with a significant HomeGauge-specific discount. This means better coverage and service at a great price for our users.

Join the HomeGauge Home Inspector Insurance Program today and protect your business with the industry’s best!

Coverage Review

While competitive pricing is important, having the right coverage is essential. The discounts negotiated by HomeGauge ensure exceptional value, but it’s the comprehensive coverage from EliteMGA that truly sets this program apart.

Elite offers all HomeGauge users a complimentary review of their current policies. This review identifies any coverage gaps or other issues, ensuring your business is fully protected. Whether you’re up for renewal or have recently renewed, this free consultation offers peace of mind and highlights potential risks.

coverage review

Last Look Pricing

Elite uniquely offers HomeGauge users the “last look” option on insurance quotes. This feature provides significant value by allowing customers to compare their initial quote after receiving a second, potentially lower quote from another provider.

With the “last look” option, the initial insurer reviews both quotes to ensure the second (potentially lower) quote offers the same level of coverage and may choose to adjust their original offer accordingly. This practice encourages competitive pricing and can result in substantial cost savings for the customer.

By using the “last look” option, customers secure the best possible deal without compromising on coverage quality, creating a competitive market that benefits everyone.


Does your insurance quote include General Liability Insurance?

General Liability Insurance covers injuries or damage to the home at the time of inspection. If you put your foot through the ceiling during a home inspection, your General Liability insurance would cover that claim. On the other hand, E&O protects against alleged errors or omissions in the inspection process. For instance, if a client believes you missed a roof defect, that falls under professional liability.

EliteMGA’s coverage includes both professional liability and general liability, providing comprehensive protection for home inspectors.

Does your policy cover your past inspections?

All home inspector E & O policies are claims made. This means they cover claims only for inspections conducted during the policy period. In other words, if your policy starts on Jan 1, 2024, and is good through Dec 31, 2024, it will only cover claims arising from inspections performed during this period. To avoid gaps in coverage for past inspections, it’s crucial to ensure your policy includes coverage for all inspections performed before this timeframe – also known as prior acts coverage. This ensures protection against claims arising from inspections performed earlier.

Who handles your insurance company’s claims? Will the attorney they hire understand the home inspection industry, industry standards, licensing, etc.?

EliteMGA handles all claims internally and makes all claims decisions internally. It is led by attorney Joe Denneler, who has been successfully defending home inspections for over 25 years and is in the best position to navigate home inspection claims successfully.

Can you get a live person on the phone when you have a coverage question or are dealing with a potential claim?

You can at Elite! Whether you need a copy of your insurance certificate, upgrading limits or need some input on how to handle a client call back, the Elite team is available even by phone!

Having a claim is stressful. What help will your insurance company give you in the event you have a claim? Can you talk to an experienced attorney or claims adjuster for guidance?

For most insurance companies the answer is no. With EliteMGA the answer is yes! Elite offers an experienced team to ensure the best outcome for your business.

I got a quote from another insurance provider. Will Elite review the quote and coverage to make sure I am getting what I need?

Yes! We encourage inspectors to send us quotes and details for review.

I am currently insured by Elite. How do I get a discount?

Discounts will be applied when you renew your policy.